About Keller Custom Finishing

For over 25 years, the Kellers have been amazing clients in Northeast Arkansas with their custom cabinetry services. And it all began with a simple request.

Originally, John and Marylin Keller owned a furniture store called the Knot Shop in 1990. One day a nice woman stopped in and noticed a remarkable piece of furniture John had refinished in a crackled technique. She kindly asked if he could refinish her furniture piece in the same fashion. John agreed. He'd always had a passion for wood-working since was a boy, so naturally, he was eager to put his passion to work.

Soon after, another woman stopped in so impressed by his work, that she asked if John could build her entire kitchen cabinets in the same crackled style. Again, John agreed.

This would be the beginning of a beautiful journey for the Kellers. Word spread and many more began to request custom pieces by John.

In 2000, they decided to sell the store and focus their time exclusively on kitchen cabinetry. And along the way, they have expanded their services.

John and Marylin have been married for over 40 years; and while they are a team duo, they often recruit help from Marylin's sister, Ginger and her husband, Aaron, who is John's brother (how ironic)! But trust us when we say the Kellers make a dream team that always delivers quality craftsmanship.

They say talent runs in the family, and that is certainly the case with the Keller clan.